Ideal bartender for your party

My name is Václav Abraham.

My life started on June 23rd 1991 in Litomyšl, in the Pardubice region of Czech Republic. I lived there until 2011. Bartending then led me to Prague, where I worked in several bars. I remained in Prague to this day.

I was enthralled with flair bartending immediately after I started high school in Chrudim This art of attractive cocktail service got me so excited, I immediately started to study it The year was 2007 and I had no idea how it is going to change my life forever.

Bartending shows and competitions, that’s my life…

To this day, I participated on more than 200 competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad, and in more than half of these I won a medal..

My greatest achievements

  • In 2015, I won a bronze medal at the World Championship in Sofia
  • In 2014, I won a bronze medal at the World Championship in Cape Town
  • In 2013 I won a silver medal at the World Championship in Prague
  • and the year before a bronze medal at the World Championship in Beijing
  • I won the Bartender of the year in six consecutive years (2010 – 2015)

Based on these achievements and awards, I have been dubbed the most successful Czech flair bartender.


Currently I make living with my bartending shows, bartender training, bar catering and representing Czech Republic on European and world competitions. If you are interested in my shows and want to put a little flair in your event (wedding, party etc.), contact me.


What has been written about me…


See what magazines and newspapers have wrote about me. I am very grateful for any article or interview where I can talk about my work, achievements and plans for the future.

If you are interested in an interview or want to ask me anything, don’t hesitate to contact me.